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The Hunger site : 24,000 people die of hunger-related causes every day--- siix times the number of victims of the September terrorist attacks! Visit this site daily to donate food for free.

Mercycorps: "Emergency relief, civil society, economic development & microenterprise, health. Mercy Corps exists to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities. Since 1979, Mercy Corps has provided over $500 million in assistance to 73 nations. The agency's programs currently reach 4 million people in more than 25 countries. Known for its quick-response, high-impact programs, over 94 percent of the agency's resources are allocated directly to programs that help those in need."

CARE: "How many lives can you change today? Saving lives, providing opportunity, bringing hope, forging a brighter future for people in need One of the world's largest private international relief and development organizations. We believe that every family should have food, health care, a place to live, education, a safe and healthy environment, and the ability to participate in decisions affecting their family, community and country. CARE's programs seek to help poor families obtain this security, based on partnerships emphasizing community participation and capacity-building." See also CARE International.

Aid Organizations in Mexico:

Givenet México: Index

Hogares Providencia

Ministerios de Amor

El Caracol

Casa Alianza


Other sites:

Worldcampaign : "Ongoing media campaign to create unprecedented global awareness and action on the primary issues which will decide the future of life on Earth... We believe idealism and pragmatism can change the world. Our job is to educate, motivate and activate. Your job is to participate." Includes a guide to action and links.



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