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Escudo UNAM

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The Department of Gravitation and Field Theory is one of five departments within the Institute for Nuclear Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).
Research at our Department focuses mainly on classical and quantum aspects of field theory, in particular gravitation, various branches of mathematical physics, biological and statistical physics, the early universe and relativistic astrophysics --- several other subjects show up occasionaly on our radars. We pride ourselves in maintaining a very diverse profile: recent projects deal with, e.g., mathematical aspects of black holes, cosmology and quantum gravity, numerical simulation of two-black-hole collisions, Lorentz symmetry violations, the Hopf algebra structure of renormalization, membrane and macromolecule conformations, exotic molecules in intense magnetic fields, genetic dynamics and econophysics, relativistic astrophysics, and several more.
Our group currently consists of twelve faculty members, one postdoc, and several graduate students. There is a reasonable influx of international visitors throughout the year and, thanks to university and federal funding, we are often able to reciprocate. We are also actively involved with the graduate and undergraduate program of the Faculty of Sciences at UNAM, and the organization of several local and international meetings, some of which have by now become standard features of the annual conference agenda, like the workshops and schools sponsored by the Gravitation and Mathematical Physics Division of the Mexican Physical Society.




Main fields of interest



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Miguel Alcubierre Inv. Tit. B Numerical Relativity
Ext. 342
Chryssomalis Chryssomalakos Inv. Tit. B
Mathematical physics
Ext. 327
Jemal Guven
Inv. Tit. C
Extended objects, biophysics
Ext. 335
Dario Núñez
Inv. Tit. B
Relativistic Astrophysics
Ext. 343
Hernando Quevedo
Inv. Tit. C
Exact solutions, black holes, cosmology
Ext. 341
Marcos Rosenbaum
Inv. Tit. C
Mathematical physics
Ext. 362
Michael Ryan
Inv. Tit. C
Quantum cosmology
Ext. 331
Marcelo Salgado
Inv. Tit. A
Numerical relativiy, cosmology, compact objects
Ext. 366
Chris Stephens
Inv. Tit. C
Statistical physics, field theory, complex systems
Ext. 328
Daniel Sudarsky
Inv. Tit. C
Black holes, cosmology, quantum aspects of spacetimes
Ext. 329
Roberto Sussman
Inv. Tit. B
Relativistic thermodynamics, dynamics of fluids in GR
Ext. 334
Alexander Turbiner
Inv. Tit. C
Mathematical Physics, non-perturbative and algebraic methods
Ext. 326

Head of the Department
Hernando Quevedo

Miss Trinidad Ramírez
E-mail: fengari
Phone: +52 55
Fax: +52 55


Name Main fields of interest





Alberto Sanchez Moreno
Geometric methods, geometrothermodynamics
Ext. 371

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    Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, UNAM
    Departamento de Gravitación y Teoría de Campos
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